The Smart Money

November 3rd, 2010

Inspired by Dylan Ratigan’s report about gambling on politics (watch it below).

“Thank you for giving us insight into how those with money bet on politics.” – Dylan Ratigan

Sorry Dylan, but you’re incorrect: isn’t where the Smart Money their big payoffs collect.

Lobbying and campaign contributions get a much higher return

Than gambling on politics ever could earn.

While online gambling may be fun,

The payback on lobbying is at least 220 to 1.

So what if the super-rich on ads spend a few hundred million?

That’s nothing compared to a pay-off of $700 billion.

And when you’ve got your own network, the risk is reduced,

Especially after unlimited campaign ad funding was introduced.

No Dylan, online gambling isn’t how the super-rich party.

Why do that when it’s so much more profitable just to buy your own party?


Here’s Dylan’s 11/03/10 report about gambling on politics.

Here’s your theme music, Money Money Money by Abba.

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