The Seven Week Itch

December 15th, 2011

Inspired by Rachel’s show tonight.

Newt and Mitt may both be flip-floppers, it’s true,

But the GOP base has proven that it is too.


The base keeps on having desperate quick flings

As it to consecutive non-Romney candidates clings.


That man or woman who evokes such passion at first blush,

Doesn’t look quite as appealing when getting the bum’s rush.


In trying to find the anti-Obama champion it seeks,

The GOP base falls for a new non-Romney every seven weeks.


Is it because the GOP base is inexperienced and callow,

Or because GOP primary voters are so intellectually shallow?


Or is it because the candidate on whom GOP voters insist

Unfortunately just doesn’t exist?


(It’s hard to find someone smart who consistently advocates stupidity

And worships greed without themselves being guilty of cupidity.)


Does the same seven-week fate

Current crush Newt Gingrich await?


Here’s Rachel’s 12/15/11 report on the GOP primary’s Anyone-but-Mitt’s 7 week cycle. Rachel: Great segment, but you should have gone with my title.

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Here’s Rep. Barney Frank 11/25/11 on Martin Bashir making the “bum of the month” comment about Newt Gingrich and his GOP primary predecessors.

Here’s the famous subway grate scene from the movie which inspired our title, The Seven Year Itch (starring the incomparable Marilyn Monroe).

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