The Self-Deportation Solution (or: Mitt’s Mass. Exodus)

June 4th, 2012

Inspired by 5 Facts About The Massachusetts Economy Under Mitt Romney (ThinkProgress 6/04/12) and Karen Finney’s comment on Martin Bashir today.


“The reason the numbers went down is because people left the state!” – Karen Finney on Martin Bashir today, discussing why unemployment went down (slightly) in Massachusetts under Romney


Mitt’s economic policy is just like the one he has for immigration:

Both rely exclusively on self-deportation.


For illegals, Mitt’s plan was to make their lives so terrible

That they’d leave the country that found their presence so unbearable.


Mitt’s message as Mass Gov to those who couldn’t find employment?

“Voluntary” out-of-state occupational redeployment.


“Just get out,” Mitt Romney says.

Will that also be his plan as Pres?


Here’s Martin Bashir’s report on Mitt’s trickery (Karen Finney’s comment is at the end).

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Here’s Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom 6/03/12 on “This Week” (Karen referred to this discussion and Stephanie Cutter’s point about Romney’s Mass. Exodus).
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