The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

October 20th, 2009

As pointed out by Jon Stewart (watch the video below), it’s ironic that Fox complained so much about lack of coverage (except, of course, on Fox) for the 9-12 Teabagger march, but did not find the probably larger Gay March on Washington worthy of live coverage. For the 9-12 march, conservative websites put up a picture “proving” that over a million people marched (too bad the picture turned out to be from a march in 1997), and Glenn Beck said that a university study Fox sponsored estimated the crowd at 1.3 million. As described in “Crowd Counts are a Game Nobody Wins” (Washington Post 9/22/09), the DC police estimated the crowd at 60-70 thousand, and only 40 thousand people more than usual rode Metro that day. That’s consistent with the 60-70 thousand estimate but virtually impossible to square with the million marchers claimed by teabaggers. The gay rights march was estimated by DC Fire/Rescue at 70 thousand at 9:00 am on Oct. 11, and grew throughout the day. But since Fox doesn’t want people to think they discriminate, here’s a video below of Neil Cavuto saying how Fox News was “there for the Million Man March” in 1995, even though it wasn’t even founded until one year later (see ThinkProgress report 4/13/09). Neat trick, that, but I guess we’re used to Fox anchors announcing “facts” without even bothering to check to see if they’re true.


When tens of thousands march on DC,

What is shown on TV?


On 9-12 if you were watching Fox,

You’d have seen protesters in flocks.

Fox provided coverage day and night

(They always do, for their friends on the Right).


On 10-11, Fox didn’t even bother

To send a news team the gay march to cover.

They used a few minutes of footage from ABC

But that was all Fox viewers could see.


With the Million Man March in 1995,

Fox doesn’t want you to think they’re not balanced.

Fox claims they covered it, but that would have been hard

Since they weren’t yet in existence.


Maybe it’s true in Your World, Neil Cavuto

(Sorry to refute you),

But at the same time you declare

That Fox News is so fair,

You couldn’t stop dissing the Million Man March

By snidely saying again and again

That they were “well shy” of a million men.


It was 837,000 ±20% (between 669,600 and 1,004,400)

According to a scientific study

Sponsored by ABC-TV

And conducted by Boston University.

Maybe a million, maybe not,

But a lot more than your tempest in a teapot.


When one this history reviews

We see Fox only broadcasts what they choose.

If they don’t support you, they refuse.

If they don’t agree with you, you lose.

Only one possible conclusion ensues.

The revolution won’t be televised

…on Fox News.

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