The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 2

January 13th, 2010

Inspired by “The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage” (Ted Olson, Newsweek 1/09/10), Justices asked to bar taping of gay marriage trial (Washington Post 1/09/10) , Same-sex marriage aims higher, Groundbreaking gay marriage trial starts in Calif, Gay marriage ban goes on trial in California (Washington Post 1/11/10), Supreme Court blocks YouTube broadcast of gay-marriage trial  (Washington Post 1/12/10), “Exactly Why We Have Courts, Why We Have the Constitution and Why We Have the 14th Amendment” (Richard Socarides, Huffington Post 1/11/10), and JUDICIARY 2.0 — Prop. 8, YouTube and the Supreme Court (Huffington Post 1/12/10) on Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the trial (which began Monday) challenging California’s Prop 8 ban on same-sex marriage. For daily reports on the trial, read the Prop8 on Trial blog by Berkeley Law students. Also check out Moving Republicans to Support Gay Marriage ( 9/22/09) and our earlier “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” gay rights piece. And watch the pro-marriage equality ad below from Truth and Hope.

     Monday was a historic day,

Especially if you’re a California gay.

It was the first day of the lawsuit brought by Kristin Perry

To determine whether CA gays have the right to marry.

     The case unites an unlikely duo,

And I’m not referring to Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo.

I’m referring to plaintiff’s counsel Ted Olson and David Boies,

Whose involvement the partisan gay wall (partially) destroys.

     Olson and Boies have been in court together before—

On opposing sides of the case Bush v. Gore.

Olson’s victory made him a conservative legend

To the very same people his current views offend.

     Why would Olson alienate his party and fellow believers

To join up with a bunch of gay agenda deceivers?

He summed it up nicely in Sunday’s Newsweek

(Click here if you want to take a peek).

     As it turns out, Olson also believes in the Constitution,

And believes that marriage is a vital social institution.

He disagrees strongly that marriage rights should be kept away

From a subset of  citizens just because they’re gay.

     Olson’s Newsweek article is a tour de force.

He demolishes the arguments against same-sex marriage as a matter of course.

In less than 3,000 words, he makes an extremely compelling case

To end the marriage inequality disgrace.

     In a similar vein, his opening statement yesterday

Detailed the key role social role which marriage does play.

To deny that relationship in a discriminatory way

Tells a whole class of people they’re less equal because they’re gay.

     “Proposition 8 singled out gay men and lesbians as a class,” he said,

Merely because of whom they chose to sleep with in bed.

It “pronounced them unequal” and “swept away their right to marry”

And “declared their relationships… less-deserving of respect and dignity.”

     It’s a pretty good sign when a conservative legal giant

Decides marriage inequality and the Constitution aren’t compliant.

Marriage equality is gaining ground—

Other politicians have also coming round.

     Bill Clinton said his former reluctance to endorse gay marriage was untoward

Saying his former view was because he was “hung up about the word.”

What caused him to make this happy decision?

He realized he “was wrong” and “had an untenable position.”

     Other supporters include Meghan McCain, Steve Schmidt, Dede Scozzafava, and even Dick Cheney

(He certainly can’t be dismissed as a liberal zany).

And check out Smart Girl Politics, GayPatriot, and GoProud

For other examples of conservatives who are willing to “say it loud.”

     And though the Governator’s on the receiving end of this trial,

He too is against marriage equality denial.

Like Olson, he’s an erstwhile GOP hero that left the tent,

A fact that Religious Rightists greatly resent.

     “We don’t see it as a civil rights issue,” said Austin R. Nimrod (who Prop 8’s sponsors is advising)–

A view that’s not at all surprising.

If you focus on the civil rights, then equality opponents loose.

But Austin, you’re not the one that gets to choose.

     As Olson says, that’s “why we have courts”

(To overturn a law that equality distorts),

That’s “why we have the Constitution”

(To stop minority persecution),

And “why we have the 14th Amendment”

(Because people’s rights don’t require popular assent).

     Federal Judge Walker originally declared

That the trial on YouTube would be aired.

But the Supreme Court stayed that decision,

Meaning that cameras will (for now) not be allowed, subject to later revision.

     Marriage equality opponents didn’t want cameras there

(If they really believed they were right, you’d think they wouldn’t care).

They say witness testimony might be affected if there were cameras in the room

(Because people are more reluctant to appear bigoted in public, I assume).

     The case is expected to go to the Supreme Court.

Which some activists think should have been a last resort.

Given the Court’s conservative leanings and recent decisions

They fear that the case could have negative nationwide repercussions.

     But both Olson and Boies know what they’re doing

(You don’t get to the top of your game by needless losses accruing).

Never mind that the cameras are gone:

Alliance Defense Fund, bring it on!


PS: If you’ve got conservative and/or Christian friends, another good article to give them is A Conservative Christian Case for Civil Same-Sex Marriage. Also check out the book by Howard Dean’s campaign director Joe Tripp, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, the Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything. And in case you missed the “say it loud” musical reference above, it’s to this classic James Brown song.

Here’s Republican super-lawyer Ted Olson telling about why he took the case.

Here’s Dick Cheney speaking in favor of marriage equality.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s the Truth and Hope commercial.

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