The Return of Lieutenant Dan

February 10th, 2010

Inspired by DADT Repeal Activist Lt. Dan Choi Recalled To Active Duty (Huffington Post 2/09/10).

Dan Choi has been to active duty reinstated.

He and gays everywhere are naturally elated.

Of course, this change is only temporary

(DADT still says you can’t serve as an open fairy).

But hopefully it’s the part of a change

That will be more far-reaching and long range.

Then our brave gay troops

Won’t have to stoop

To lying about who they love

To serve the Country they love.

It’s high time the teetering tower of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell



Here’s the CNN report.

And in a scene of similar happiness, here’s the return of Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump (sorry, I couldn’t find just the scene when Lieutenant Dan comes back and Forrest jumps off the boat in happiness to see him, so this is the full trailer set to start at that outtake).

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