The Republican Pup Tent

November 2nd, 2009

Inspired by “Ideology trumps party for Palin” (Washington Post 10/26/09), “In a war within GOP, the right wins a battle” (Washington Post 11/01/09), and “G.O.P. Moderate, Pressed by Right, Abandons Race” (New York Times 11/01/09). See also our earlier post about the GOP’s internal war.


Republicans used to talk about a big tent, you know.

I wonder, where did all that rhetoric go.

Now, they force you out “if you don’t measure up.”

A big tent? Seems to me more like a pup.*


The GOP tent is getting smaller every day:

Don’t bother coming in if you’re not adequately anti-gay.

If you’ve ever proposed or voted for a tax of any kind,

Then your entry to the tent will be politely declined.


There isn’t much left of traditional Republican voting blocks

(Like Howard Fineman said, when the river’s low you can really see the rocks).

The GOP’s already down to 17 percent,

So I guess they don’t need such a big tent.

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