The Real Fraudsters

November 1st, 2010

Inspired by The voter fraud racket is back! ( 10/27/10), Conservatives to step up presence at polls across U.S. to prevent vote fraud (Washington Post 10/30/10), Voter fraud hysteria (Politico 11/01/11), and Stopping Voter Fraud ( 11/01/10).

If you can’t fool someone into voting for you,

Then here is what you have to do.

If they’re still unsympathetic,

Encourage them to be apathetic.

But if you their voting Dem can’t forestall,

Then make sure they can’t vote at all.

Send them to the wrong polling place,

Their vote effectively to erase.

Trick them to try to vote on the wrong day

(They were going to vote Dem anyway).

If all that fails, intimidate them at the polls.

By sending out “anti-fraud” patrols.

If that doesn’t work, throw out their vote after the election,

By invalidating ballots due to alleged imperfection.

Teach Dems a lesson about what voter fraud really means.

After all, the end justifies the means.


Update: Here’s a Washington Post’s report on GOP anti-“voter fraud” tactics, Some complaints surface amid stepped-up efforts to monitor voting fraud ( 11/03/10).

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