The Price is Wrong

September 14th, 2009

Quotes from Washington Post 9-13-09 and Congressman Price’s website.

Georgia Congressman Tom Price:
Selective memory sure is nice.
“You will not spend the money of our children and our grandchildren to feed an over-stuffed government,” you told the teabagger crowd,
Your voice so strong and clear and loud.
But no complaint from you did Bush beget
When he doubled the national debt.

Our grandkids’ money for the government?
Bad news – that money’s long since spent.
W. spent it with your support.
Them’s the facts, no matter how much you distort.
You complain about Obama but were more than willin’
to give George Bush $19 trillion.

Your technique has a name: hypocrisy.
It’s not very good for democracy.
“The American people demand fiscal sanity.”
You sound just like Sean Hannity.

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