The Price is Wrong… Again

October 12th, 2009

As quoted in “House Votes to Add Sexual Orientation to Law on Hate Crimes” (Washington Post 10/09/09), Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) said of the 10/08 vote that “the inclusion of ‘though crimes’ legislation in what is otherwise a bipartisan bill for troop funding is an absolute disgrace.”


Tom Price, Tom Price:

What you say isn’t nice.


Including protection for gays is a “disgrace”?

How about punching somebody who’s gay in the face?

How about beating a gay student and leaving him to die,

Or does that not qualify?


You say that your bothered that the hate crimes provision

Was attached to a troop bill in a “must-pass” situation.

But you had plenty of chances to vote for it on its own

So don’t use that excuse your opposition to condone.


That provision’s been considered time after time —

Not once did you support action against gay hate crime.

Based on what you expressed in the House last Thursday,

I guess it’s a far greater crime to be born gay.


Nor do you have a problem with the unrelated rider –

You voted for many as a Republican insider.

It never bothered you before when amendments weren’t germane.

So don’t use that as a pretense your outrage to feign.


But one thing I’ll give you credit for,

You’re equal opportunity on violent attacks.

Based on your statements it seems you’re also against

Hate crime protection for blacks.


Do you even understand how hate crime laws function?

I guess not, since you misrepresent them with no compunction.

How about a course on Hate Crimes 101?

It seems to me that you need one.


A hate crime is not just a matter of thought

(A concern about which you seem overwrought).

No crime occurs unless the thinker takes action,

So your talk about “thought crimes” is just a distraction.


That’s why it’s “hate crimes” that are illegal

Instead of just hate.

If it were the latter, just imagine

All the people we’d have to incarcerate!


And because Republicans like to conflate

Religious freedom with the right to preach hate,

Dems explicitly included a provision

Guaranteeing anti-gay pastors could still voice their opinion.


Federal hate crimes law applies only when a State

Fails to prosecute hate crimes as statutes dictate.

Or do you think it’s better when courts can ignore

Crimes against people they happen to deplore.


Maybe you long for the good old days

When there were no protections for blacks or gays.

A man could kill a minority

With near absolute impunity.


Then, a local jury of his peers

(who also didn’t like blacks or queers)

Would let the killer off the hook,

Saying “justifiable homicide” (that’s all it took).


Or maybe the state prosecutor let them off with a warning,

And they’d be out of jail the next morning.

Are those the days you want to bring back,

When one could be beaten or killed for being gay, or black?


If that’s so,

Please let me know.

Your gay and black constituents

Would want to know.


As head of the Conservative Caucus,

You seem a certifiable jackass.

But please be careful who you harass,

Since they are not a protected class.


See, it’s not as much fun when the lack of protection

Is coming at you from the other direction.

It’s lucky for you that the people you hate

Aren’t generally the ones that such problems create.


It’s not that I’m saying that gays courage lack—

Just look at Heath Ledger in Brokeback

But even Heath’s days were finally numbered

When he was by haters outnumbered.


That’s why we have laws—

We don’t want the Wild West.

Even though Republicans

Sometimes seem to think it’s best.


So the Price

Is yet again wrong.

But as another hate crime victim once said:

Why can’t we all just get along?


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