The Politician Formerly Known As Mitt Romney

July 10th, 2012

Mitt Romney (or maybe that should be “The Politician Formerly Known as Mitt Romney”) is taking his candidacy as the non-Obama to the next level: he won’t even say his own name anymore. Why bother, since “Mitt Romney” isn’t even particularly popular with GOP voters? Instead, he will henceforth refer to himself as “the guy running to replace Obama.” 


“If there’s an outsourcer-in-chief, it’s the President of the United States, not the guy who’s running to replace him.” – the guy who’s running to replace him


Mitt Romney has decided not to run as “Mitt Romney” anymore.

(That strategy has already been unsuccessfully tried before.)


As part of his new plan, Mitt will no longer say his own name,

Which makes sense, since the new and old Mitt aren’t remotely the same.


So why spend time and money trying to rebrand

When you’ve got a product that even Republicans can’t stand?


Instead, Mitt will refer himself as “the guy running to replace that guy you hate.”

Isn’t modern GOP politics great?


Here’s Martin Bashir’s7/10/12 report and discussion, including the above clip.

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One Response to “The Politician Formerly Known As Mitt Romney”

  1. Colby Says:

    Hmmm…I heard of that last week. It seems plausible beaucse the reality is that only Dr. Ron Paul and Governor Mitt Romney have actual delegate counts. What the news sites show in the way of delegate counts is utterly false. The real delegate counts show that the Romney camp have a concern that Dr. Paul might be a thorn in their side…and so, they might be trying to broker with him before it gets nasty at the convention. The truth of the matter is that the Romney camp rigged this year’s system with the GOP officials so that he would have an easier sweep of the delegates–even if he lost states. Well, Dr. Ron Paul got news of this and is now beating Governor Romney at his game and alerted his supporters across the country to pay attention and to not leave the voting areas after the announcement of the caucus or primary winners beaucse that’s when they pick delegates. If you don’t have people who sign up to be delegates then, it’s game over–even if you won the state primary. It’s slightly complicated, but Rachel Maddow interviewed Doug Wead about all of this nonsense in the wake of the phony Maine results. Sorry I cannot include it here, but if you do a youtube search or go to, you’ll find all of it cataloged there. In Christo Rege,

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