The Perfect Getaway (or: Point One Percenters Can Always Jump Ship if they Don’t Feel the Love)

January 25th, 2012

A follow-up to Swiss Mitt, inspired by Romney under fire for tax avoidance in Bermuda (Bermuda Sun 1/25/12 08:50) and Romney’s Cayman Islands holdings complicate tax return debate  ( 1/24/12).


“Looking for the perfect getaway?” – 1990s Bermuda commercial


“As in previous moments of national danger, we Americans are all in the same boat.” – Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels in GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union message


What would Mitt Romney do if push came to shove

And America didn’t show point one percenters adequate love?


Will Mitt be like his paternal grand-dad

And abandon America if things get bad?


If America goes commie and raises his taxes one-half percent,

Would Mitt lead the exodus of the point one percent?


Luckily, if things in America don’t go Mitt’s way,

Bermuda’s the perfect getaway.


Pols like to say we’re all in the same boat

(See for example the above-referenced quote).


Unfortunately, that’s not completely true:

Mitt can always set sail for Bermuda. Can you?


And Average American, in case you forgot,

Mitt’s boat just happens to be a yacht.


A yacht that’s with millions of dollars pre-loaded,

For him to enjoy if America’s economy exploded.


So if America goes to hell, Mitt will still be rich and well-tanned

Enjoying $100 margaritas on pink Bermuda sand.


Here’s the “perfect getaway” Bermuda commercial.


And if millionaires and billionaires don’t “feel the love” in America, they can always move to Bermuda, or the Cayman’s, or some other financial paradise. For a lot of them, their money already has made that move…



If one island paradise, isn’t enough, you can always have a second home for both you and your money in the Caymans. No capital gains tax, no corporate tax — sounds like point one percenter paradise. (James: Like the plug? Maybe Mitt himself will even see it and call you about finding him yet another beautiful beachfront home. Just PayPal me $100, and we’ll call it even.)

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