The People Who Matter (or: Are You One of the Few Who Matter to Mitt?)

January 12th, 2012

Inspired by former Republican Congresswoman from New York Susan Molinari’s defense of Mitt Romney on Daily Rundown this morning.

“This is a man who obviously has a big heart and connects on that emotional level very well with the people who matter in his life.” – Romney surrogate and former Republican Congresswoman from New York Susan Molinari on the Daily Rundown this morning, attempting to rebut the view that Romney doesn’t care about people


Surrogate Susan is completely correct

In describing Mitt’s selective ability to connect.


I’m sure Mitt does care deeply about his family members,

And not just the ones whose names he remembers.


I’m sure Mitt is also very humane

To the wealthy people who fund his campaign.


If you’re one of that lucky few,

Then Mitt Romney DOES care about you.


If you’re not, that’s a different matter:

You’re just not one of the people who matter.


Here’s Romney surrogate Susan Molinari this morning on Daily Rundown (her comment about the “people that matter” is at the 3”30 mark).

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