The Party of No x 176

November 10th, 2009

Inspired by “Health-care Bill May Not Get Single GOP Vote in House” (Washington Post 10/10/09), “House Republicans plan to vote unanimously against health-care measure” (Washington Post 11/07/09), “House Democrats pass health-care bill” (Washington Post 11/08/09), and A vote to make or break a career” (Washington Post 11/09/09), and the John Stewart and Stephen Colbert reports from Nov. 9. Only one of the 177 House Republicans voted in favor of the House healthcare reform bill (not a single one voted for the stimulus package).


It’s very rare that major bills

Don’t have some bipartisan support.

Even Bush’s tax cuts

Had 28 Dems on board.


But with healthcare reform

(One of the biggest issues of our time)

Only a single House Republican

Was willing on board to climb.


Eric Cantor had something to say:

“New Jersey and Virginia show the public is looking for a better way.”

The public wants you to oppose everything is your conclusion?

Then please go on with your self-centered delusion.

We’ll see if you were right in 2010.

When the public has a chance to vote again.


One Republican, Mike Castle, from liberal Delaware

Said it’s remotely possible he’ll his vote yes declare.

“Some people would like to see some kind of health-care reform,” he stated,

A sentiment by his no vote later negated.


Another Republican (Joseph Cao)

His earlier negative vote did disavow.

He ended up voting yes

(To help his district he did later confess).


Republicans complain:

“We weren’t let into the game.”

But you had plenty of opportunity

To participate constructively.


For 8 long years you had your way.

Why do you now deserve a say?

Why should Dems keep asking when we already know

That your answer is always “No”?


Here’s John Stewart’s piece.

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Here’s Stephen Colbert’s piece.

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