The Party of No No’s

April 2nd, 2010

Inspired by Fired RNC staffer is identified, The GOP’s Michael Steele hangover (Washington Post 3/31/10), and Getting the kinks out of the RNC operation (Washington Post 4/02/10). The Really Naughty Committee (RNC) lesbian bondage sex club scandal continues, with new inappropriate spending revelations. As reported by Rachel Maddow (watch the video below), Bondagegate has triggered investigation of other RNC expenditures, which revealed that the RNC bought $1000 in office supplies… at a liquor store, and another $1000 of office supplies from… a winery. To top it off, ABC reported yesterday that the donations call-in number provided in a recent RNC fundraising letter inadvertently turned out to be a phone sex line that promised to hook people up with “hot horny girls.”

The RNC is now in damage control mode,

Trying not to let the organization implode.

They’ve issued press releases where they recite

That Steele himself wasn’t at the bondage club that night.

But other RNC staff and a dozen Young Republicans were,

And an RNC staffer (Allison Meyers) did in fact the expense incur.

(I guess when those “Young Eagles” leave the nest,

It turns out they’re just as sex-crazed as the rest.)

The charge wasn’t to an RNC staffer’s card, the RNC has objected…

Except that Meyers did try to charge it to her card, but it was rejected.

Meyers then asked one of her consultants to pay the bill.

(“We’ll reimburse you, I promise we will.”)

Meyers was the one that organized the Voyeur event

At which that $2000 was spent.

She’s the one that has now been fired

For having cause the RNC in this scandal to be mired.

But ironically, if Meyers’ card the bill had covered,

It’s possible that the whole thing would never have been discovered.

(I bet she wishes the GOP had backed

The consumer protection Credit CARD Act.)


Here’s Rachel Maddow’s 4/02/10 report on the RNC’s spending irregularities.

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