The Party of No Education

November 21st, 2010

Along the lines of my earlier piece about how Fox News profits from the gullible audience it attracts, inspired by GOP’s midterm gains concentrated in blue-collar areas (Washington Post 11/21/10).

“Exit polls showed that Democrats lost white voters without a college degree –one way to measure blue collar voters—by almost 30 percentage points in House races.” – Washington Post

Why are Republicans against education?

Because the uneducated are more succeptible to indoctrination.

I used to think education was just another thing they neglected,

But now I’m thinking it’s key to their strategy of getting elected.

Just like Fox’s scared gullible viewers are the perfect market for gold,

The GOP finds that uneducated voters are more easily controlled.

After all, it’s much easier for the uninformed

To be misinformed.

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