The One Thing Mitt Hasn’t Flip Flopped On

March 29th, 2012

There is one thing that Mitt Romney has never flip-flopped on…


“Mitt Romney is a man totally devoid of any commitment to any principle except his own advancement. There is literally not a public policy which he has not advocated one side at one time and one side at the other. I’ve never seen a major political figure so absolutely unburdened by any commitment to any principle whatsoever.” – Sen. Barney Frank


Mitt Romney has one bedrock principle that’s never changed,

Regardless of how much he his other beliefs has rearranged.


Maybe Mitt has on everything else has changed his position,

But he’s never wavered on his…

presidential ambition.


Here’s Sen. Barney Frank today on Martin Bashir discussing Mitt’s constantly changing principles (starting at the 3” mark).

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