The Olympics of Hate

October 6th, 2009

A follow-up to my earlier post about the Olympics (including some really troubling video from Glenn Beck). Even though they don’t like Obama, you’d think the patriots in the Grand ol’ Party and on Fox News would have wanted America to win the Olympics in 2016. Watch the video clips below from the Daily Show , the Colbert Report, and The Young Turks and read my (brief) commentary in verse to find out.

Republicans’ love for our country is great.

But I guess not as big as their hate.

 With the Olympics you’d think they’d want us to win.

Well, think again.


Rush and Glenn,

You both get the gold medal.

For the unsurpassed strength

Of the hatred you peddle.


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The juxtaposition of Fox commentator statements at 7’40 about how great our country is with video of Republican activists applauding when it’s announced that the US didn’t get the Olympics at 8’33 is particularly instructive.

Stephen Colbert also featured the video clip of Republicans cheering America’s loss.

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Americans for Prosperity Cheer Chicago’s Failure
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And finally, here’s more rejoicing from Glenn and Rush when the announcement was made.

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