The Obama Youth?

October 1st, 2009

As a follow-up to the Republican hissy-fit about Obama’s school address (see our 9/10/09 post), Fox News and its excitable viewers are again up in arms (a Google search earlier today generated 1.2 million hits), this time about a school in New Jersey. The offense: schoolchildren sang a song about President Obama. Never mind the program was celebrating accomplishments of Black Americans for Black History Month, that it also celebrated other Presidents, and the Federal Government didn’t have anything to do with it. Tucker Carlson on Fox said this was like the Khmer Rouge. As John Stewart said in his Daily Show report 9/28/09, “it is absolutely fair to compare some kids in New Jersey singing a few lines about Barack Obama… to the execution of one quarter of a nation?” The Daily Show also dug up a video clip (see it below with the rest of their report) of schoolchildren singing a song in praise of the job that the Bush Administration and FEMA did after Katrina.


Little kids singing a song.

What about that could be so wrong?

Plenty, to hear Fox News tell it.

(Correction: to hear Fox News yell it.)


Tucker Carlson said it was like the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

Of what he’s talking he has no idea.

They killed a quarter of their population,

Was that song a comparable abomination?


Never mind the last Administration did much worse

With a FEMA video (celebrating a ‘‘heckuva job” on Katrina, of course),

And summer camps to promote Bush and Jesus

But only songs praising Obama should displease us?


Never mind it was a Black History Month program

(Not that you folks give a damn).

Never mind other Presidents were included.

(How can you be so deluded?)


Never mind the Federal Government wasn’t involved.

(Is this how our political discourse has devolved?)

Never mind Obama’s our President.

(God help us, a pro-Obama event!)


On Saturday at the “How to Take Back America” conference

Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) was in attendance.

He called President Obama “an enemy of humanity”

And demanded Obama’s birth certificate to prove his election’s constitutionality.


Republicans and Fox News: You use every pretense you can find

To create and feed a rage that’s blind.

You whip your viewers into a fury,

Goading the extremists that you curry.


You foment hatred

Whatever the cost.

Is this payback

Because you lost?


The same thing happened to JFK too.

What are you trying to get someone to do?

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4 Responses to “The Obama Youth?”

  1. Amy Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. After years of brainwashing under the Bush administration, why is it so wrong for us to express pride in our current president? Perhaps these extremists think that Bush-bashers don’t take the office of President seriously because we criticized the President. Except that is why we did it, because he didn’t take it seriously.
    It’s also funny that the kids in NJ probably meant what they were singing way more than those poor Katrina kids. They don’t really understand the whole thing anyway. When I was growing up, the President was someone you looked up to, and perhaps aspired to be. After 42 white male presidents, some people (*cough* white males) decide that maybe that isn’t true anymore? I don’t understand how this stuff gets aired on tv.
    Great poem!

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