The National Security Shuffle

June 6th, 2013

Inspired by National security shuffle signals shift (Scott Wilson, Washington Post 6/06/13 A1, A4).


Could this be yet another scandal,

And finally more than the White House can handle?


Could this finally break the camel’s back

And prove to Americans they’re under attack?


As the picture shows, as soon as they got the chance,

The President and his nominees started a line dance!


It’s the most convincing proof Repubs have so far

That the line dance conspiracy goes so far.


This proves that Obama was in fact behind it,

And given his penchant for dancing, probably designed it!


It’s also certain impeachment grounds

Since they did it on the White House grounds.


(That’s government property, which he used without Congressional approval.

That alone requires his removal!)


Yes, Watergate is just a minor kerfluffle

Compared to the National Security Shuffle!


Here’s Obama dancing on Ellen in 2008. Do you need more evidence than that of the conspiracy and its homosexual roots since the beginning?

Here’s the IRS dance video. See how similar it is to Obama’s dancing? They’re obviously following his lead. And don’t even get me started about how Black it is.

Here’s the President’s announcement of the appointments. Notice how he dances around the issues?

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