The Multi-Millionaire’s Tax

October 10th, 2011

Inspired by Harry Reid’s proposed  multi-millionaires tax surcharge.


If you make “only” one million dollars per year,

Then you and others like you have nothing to fear.

Harry Reid’s proposed surcharge won’t affect you at all:

Your after-tax income won’t by one penny fall.


It’s only if you make two million, or three, or four

(Or like many millionaires and billionaires, much much more)

That Harry Reid’s tax surcharge

Your tax bill will one iota enlarge.


The surcharge is just 5.6 percent,

Which would cover the entire amount the jobs bill spent.

For each dollar over a million, that’s a little over a nickel,

Which puts Republican Senators in a bit of a pickle.


Creating 1.3 million jobs, they must go on record as saying,

Isn’t worth multi-millionaires’ and billionaires’ that nickel paying.


Here’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s excellent10/10/11 analysis of Harry Reid’s tax justice rewrite.

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