The Monster

October 31st, 2009

Part 1 in our Happy Halloween quartet.

Republicans conjure up bugaboos

The population to confuse.

Reasoned discourse they refuse,

And Dems of horrible things accuse.


After eight years of feeding off the nation’s lifeblood

They resist efforts to clean up their crud.

It’s hard to have a Republic

When you’re constantly cheating the public.


Republicans put on a costume made of American flags

And wink at those who say “God hates fags”

They  claim they’re not racist, so I guess it’s coincidence

That Republicans have so many racial incidents.


Ever since Obama’s November election

The hatred they’ve fomented has spread like an infection

People that otherwise normal appear

Have been overcome by hatred and fear.


It is by creating and using this fear

That Republicans seek the body politic to commandeer

Subverting it to their own end

To repeat the last eight years again.


These well-coiffed conservatives are not what they seem

(For one, their policies make one want to scream).

It’s just like in the movies where the guy that seems nice

Turns out to be the monster (it’s an old plot device).


Some Republicans realize they’ve created a monster

A snarling hateful beast to which they now must defer.

They call it the Republican Coalition

(Of course, it’s been subject to a little attrition).


But like the creature created by Dr. Frankenstein

When one different body parts tries to combine,

The effect is often difficult to contain,

Especially if you use a defective brain.


A propos Frankenstein, religion, and anti-gay social mores, Gods and Monsters is another excellent movie.

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