The Louisiana Purchase

November 22nd, 2009

Sen. Mary Landrieu’s yes vote: $100 million.

Getting the Senate to open debate on the healthcare reform bill: Priceless.

As reported by Sweeteners for the South, Senate Democrats vote to bring health bill to floor for debate (Washington Post 11/22/09), First Senate hurdle passed: Now is not the time to rest, though! (Daily Kos 11/21/09) and Senate Votes To Debate Health Care Reform Bill (Huffington Post 11/22/09), the healthcare reform bill has made it to the Senate floor – barely, and that only due to a $100 million payoff to Senator Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana, one of the so-called  “Blue Dog Democrats”). For more on the latter and their reluctance to support healthcare reform, watch Keith Olbermann’s 11/03/09 report (he first attacks the Republican opposition, then starts in on the Blue Dogs at 3”45).


Healthcare has made it to the Senate floor—

Opponents can’t avoid debate any more.

Of course, the bill still has opposition galore

From those who happily for Big Health whore.


The good things about those who can be bought

Is that if significant funds to the table are brought,

They can be convinced to vote the other way

And let reform live to fight another day.


A Democratic Pollyanna

Could claim that a $100 million bribe for Louisiana

Isn’t bad if the money’s well spent

(Consider it an early Christmas present).


Sen. Landrieu claims the money’s a “fix”

Saying the State has problems that the money’s needed to fix.

That sounds better than if that word depicts

Just a Federal Funds addiction fix.


Me, I see a danger in buying votes

Because of the greed that practice promotes.

If others make a similar demand

The price tag will quickly get out of hand.


Not only that – Landrieu and the other reluctant yes voters

Have said they’ll continue being shameless self-promoters.

Landrieu said her vote isn’t an indication of how she’ll vote “as this debate comes to an end.”

(It seems to me that $100 million should buy a more faithful friend.)


Still, I guess we have to recognize

That Big Health is generous to their political allies.

If healthcare reform is to have a shot

It’s got to undo that Gordian Knot.


There is another alternative

That I think Dem leaders should their followers give:

In addition to carrots, use the threat of punishment

To force wayward Senators their opposition to lament.

As a famous man once said

When inviting a beautiful woman to his bed:

“Madam, we’ve already established your willingness.

Now we’re just haggling about whether you’ll take less.”

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