The Lone Changer

November 10th, 2009

As reported in  “A vote to make or break a career” (Washington Post 11/09/09), Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao (R-LA) changed his expected “No” vote to become the only one of the 177 House Republicans who voted in favor of the House healthcare reform bill.


When Rep. Cao won his heavily Democratic district, Minority Leader Boehner

Figured his response was a no-brainer.

He sent a memo to colleagues titled “The Future is Cao.”

Well, Mr. Complainer, what do you think now?


I know how much you hate dissent

(After all, the GOP’s no longer a very big tent).

Once leaders decide how the party will vote

They don’t like to hear a discordant note.


There’s another Party that does that too,

And they’re even better at it than you.

The technique is called “Democratic Centralism”

And it’s a main feature of Communism.


If the GOP Rep. Cao’s options doesn’t restrict

Maybe he can move from New Orleans to a more Republican district.

Otherwise, he’ll probably lose in the next election

(Unless of course, Dems obtain his full defection).


Of course, it’s always a danger

To be the Lone Ranger.

And poor Cao’s back-up is non-existant

(He doesn’t even have Tonto as an assistant).


Cao stood up for what he believed

And got a concession on abortion, for which he was relieved.

He lobbied Obama for more aid for his hometown

(Still from the effects of Katrina beat down).


Cao then bit the bullet and voted “aye”

Though that meant his party leaders to defy.

He followed his conscience instead.

He had to vote based on his district’s needs, he said.


Mr. Minority Leader, though I rarely with you agree,

This time I think you were right, you see.

The Republican Party’s future is Cao

And that future is already happening now.


As with Scozzafava in New York,

The GOP is at the road’s fork.

One road leads to ideological purity,

And (hopefully) political obscurity.


That’s the road that you went down with Hoffman

(Who in retrospect clearly was the wrong man).

Because they see everything as “us” versus “them”

The “purists” forced out the “”RINO” and ended up with a Dem.


The other road leads back to the middle

And includes stopping with crazy extremists to fiddle.

That’s what McDonnell managed to do in VA

While playing down the fact that he’s anti-woman and anti-gay.


But because of Rep. Cao I’m happy to report,

Healthcare bills passed both houses with Republican support.

Thanks to this one brave man

The healthcare bill’s now doubly bipartisan.


PS to the Minority Leader

(Although you’re probably not a Newsericks reader):

If these lone dissenters make you mad,

Too bad!

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