The House Hands Down Healthcare (…But Poet Poe Follows a Higher Law)

November 8th, 2009

Inspired by Health Care Passes: The Scene In The House When It Happened (Huffington Post 11/08/09) and Jon Stewart’s 11/05/09 report on GOP reactions to the healthcare bill during the debate. Watch the CNN live video below of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) casting the 218th and deciding vote about an hour before midnight.

“It came on two pages;
It has withstood the ages.
Two great religions does it claim.
The law of the Ten Commandments is its name.
A current writing 1,990 pages long
Has a socialist philosophy that is all wrong.”
– Rep. Ted (or is that Edgar Allan) Poe (R-TX)

The House has passed a healthcare bill with just one vote to spare,

Though the abortion provision to many may not seem fair.

That’s not a good thing, but the bill’s still a plus on the whole,

Except for Big Health and those under their control.

Republican cowboy poet from Texas Ted Poe

(Not yet as famous as Edgar Allan Poe)

Read a poem about the Ten Commandments

Which the healthcare bill in his view circumvents.

Virginia Foxx said that healthcare reform is a bigger threat than terrorism.

(I guess how things look through the GOP prism.)

Sen. Lindsey Graham said the bill is “dead on arrival.”

(Personally, I’m rooting for its survival.)


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