The Grudge

September 3rd, 2014

Inspired by Iraqis clamor for missing sons: Shiite families vow revenge if they don’t receive bodies of soldiers killed by Sunni extremists (Loveday Morris, Washington Post 9/03/14, page A8).

Republicans know how to hold a grudge and pay it back 1000-fold to whomever is in the line of fire.


“There is so much anger, and unless the government responds there will be major chaos in the south. We have Sunni people here, and we are going to slaughter them. It’s not going to help, but at least we’ll get our revenge.” — Ali Abed al-Baderi, an Iraqi Shiite whose brother has been missing since June and is assumed to have been killed by ISIS


Practitioners of clan-based conflict have a common trait:

Seeking revenge on a group that you hate.


In America, Republicans meet that description,

Even when the slight is small, or total fiction.


They don’t do nuance and they don’t do meek:

Republicans aren’t into turning the other cheek.


(As usual, their Christianity is mostly nominal,

And their ability to rationalize phenomenal.)


They know how to hold, and repay, a grudge,

And not just with a gentle nudge.


They exact their revenge one thousand fold

(Revenge is a dish best served cold).


Not only that, they use the scatter-gun approach,

Avenging themselves even on those above reproach.


(They claim to decry the concept of collective guilt,

But that doesn’t seem to matter when blood is spilt.)


But blood feuds just lead to a vicious cycle of revenge,

As each side seeks the “wrongs” against it to avenge.


Obama has tried hard, that cycle to break.

Can’t Republicans try to do the same, for America’s sake?


Republicans were incensed by the criticism of George Bush, all the more because most of it was true (and of course, they themselves never criticized Bush for the things they so viciously attack Obama for). So they waited and bided their time, then repaid that criticism 1000-fold with vicious attacks on President Obama.

Yes, there were some over-the-top personal attacks on George Bush, but never harsh attacks on the Congressional floor as has regularly been the case with Obama. In that, Republicans are like the Iraqi Shiite who planned to exact revenge on innocent Sunni neighbors for the execution of Iraqi soldiers by ISIS. Their (and Republicans’) philosophy is that it doesn’t matter that the person you exact revenge on wasn’t the one who attacked you, or your brothers-in-arms: Lash out in the general direction of those who attacked you. By that logic, attacks on Bush by “Hollywood liberals” justifies sitting Republican congressmen to make even more vicious attacks on Obama, even though Dem congressmen restrained themselves during Bush’s Administration. Their logic is that if anyone attacks your guy, you’re justified to attack everyone. If Kanye West says “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” then Republican congressmen are allowed to call Obama a racist, even though (1) saying Bush “doesn’t care about Black people” isn’t the same as calling him a racist, and even if it was, (2) no Dem congressman ever called Bush a racist.

Similarly, Republicans are still so rankled by Watergate that they have devoted themselves to manufacturing fake scandal after fake scandal, first with Bill Clinton and now with President Obama (Conservapedia even tries to exonerate Nixon for Watergate by blaming it on Ted Kennedy). That’s also why Republicans claim that every “scandal” that they accuse a Dem president of is “worse than Watergate.”

Several points Republicans seem not to understand:

  1. Criticism is not the same as an “attack.”
  2. It matters where something is said and by whom.
  3. It matters what is said, and how.
  4. It matters if what you’re saying is factual, or just baseless conjecture.
  5. It’s not justifiable if you’re retaliating for things you got caught doing wrong.

There is a fine line between vengeance and the judicious use of retaliation for justice and deterrence of further wrongdoing. Sadly, Republicans all too often cross that line.


Here’s a trailer for the movie that inspired our title.

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