The Gay Agenda

January 24th, 2010

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     Here in a nutshell is the big gay agenda.

Hopefully, it won’t offend ya’:

     Equal rights regardless of sexual orientation,

And no sexual preference-based discrimination.

     No, we don’t want to “convert” anyone

(We don’t even think that can be done).

     Contrary to the Prop 8 guy’s claim, we oppose pedophiles,

To both persuasions of which we are equally hostile.

     We don’t want to be beaten up or insulted.

If our partners are hospitalized, we want to be consulted.

     We don’t want gays to be oppressed by laws antiquated,

Or by society merely tolerated.

     We don’t want to have to hide who we are to get along,

Or be condemned by the church to which we belong.

     We don’t want to be raised to feel self-guilt and shame,

Or be used as a tactic, the conservative “base” to inflame.

     We don’t want to be by one party supplanted,

Or by the other one taken for granted.

     We’re your brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters,

(Straight family and friends are among our strongest supporters).

     We’re soldiers, sailors, Air Force, and marines,

Serving proudly, until “Don’t ask don’t tell” intervenes.

     We just want what the Constitution guarantees us,

Whether or not the majority agrees with us.

     We just want the same rights as you.

If you were gay, wouldn’t you want that too?

     Does this sound like an unreasonable demand?

Thanks, I knew you’d understand.

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