The Foxist Party

March 27th, 2010

“The leadership stoked the anger and then discovered that they had no maneuvering room as a result of the anger…Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us and now we’re discovering we work for Fox. The thing that sustains a strong Fox network is the thing that undermines a strong Republican party.”– David Frum (Nightline 3/22/10)

Conservative “traitor” David Frum an inconvenient truth has revealed,

Which his erstwhile fellows from their supporters had concealed.

Republicans thought Fox worked for them and the Party came first,

But in truth, as Frum reveals, the situation was reversed.

For a while, their interests seemed to coincide,

But now the alliance is social suicide.

Fox and Republican incitement of hate and violence

Has led to actions and behavior for which there’s no defense.

Like in 1930s Germany,

The warning signs are plain to see.

Political hatred’s most important component

Is to dehumanize your opponent.

The Nazis did it with “subhuman” Jews, Slavs, and gays;

Foxists do it with Kenyan Socio-Fascist dictator clichés.

How many “isolated instances” does it take to make a trend?

Tell me, Mr. Boehner, with what will it all end?

If the (brown) shirt fits, you might as well wear it.

If something’s comparable, you might as well compare it.

A fire can only go out or grow,

And it will do the latter if you keep feeding it, you know.

In our democratic system, opposing parties coexist.

Inciting violence against that is simply put,



Here’s David Frum 3/22/10 on Nightline.

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