The Fabulous Baker Boy

April 25th, 2010

Inspired by Aspiring opera singer finds racial harmony at Suitland High (Washington Post 4/25/10) about local teen opera sensation Joey Baker.

It’s always hard when you stand out.

He used to be mocked, but he stuck it out.

Was he picked on because he’s white?

(That’s the reason he gave for getting into a fight.)

Or maybe it was another reason

That had something to do with opera season.

Did Joey ever want to stop

And switch to singing hip hop?

Most of us in his shoes would,

Which would have been a shame, ‘cause he’s really good.

I remember high school;

I unfortunately wasn’t one of the cool.

Eventually, I found my niche,

But until that happens, high school’s a bitch.

Instead of finding a niche, Joey made his own,

Drawing on the strength of his baritone.

Opera helped make him one of the most popular guys in school

Instead of the object of ridicule.

The moral of this story is to use the talents with which you’re endowed,

And not to just follow the crowd.

Do what you love and stick to it;

Don’t worry what others think, just do it.

So if anyone reading this is in their teenage years,

Your daily life a bundle of anxieties and fears,

Just think about Joey’s case

And remember whatever your own special talent is to embrace.

And if you haven’t found that yet,

Don’t get worried or upset.

You’ve still got plenty of time remaining

Your purpose in life to be ascertaining.

And remember, while you’re trying to find your flow,

Don’t just stick to the status quo.

PS: I did want to bring up the black-white thing

As evidence that our society is indeed changing.

It does seem to be increasingly post-racial,

Even though sometimes the rate of change seems glacial.


But for kids like Joey and all his black friends,

It seems that acceptance less and less on color depends.

That’s a definite change for the better.

So congrats, Joey: you’re quite the trend-setter.


Here’s a scene from the movie from which this post takes its name, The Fabulous Baker Boys (speaking of fabulous, Michelle Pfeiffer…).


Here’s the Fabulous Baker Boy himself.

Here’s your theme music, Stick the Status Quo from the High School Musical soundtrack

Want more movies related to high school and music? Here are scenes from two more great ones: Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (starring The Ramones) and Mr. Holland’s Opus.

And what post about opera would be complete without a reference to SNL’s Operaman?

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