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October 9th, 2009

A review of one of our local papers, The Examiner. On the plus side, it’s got some good local stuff in it, it’s free, and it’s pretty well written (surprisingly so for a free paper). On the downside, its political writing is far-right biased and often misrepresents and/or misreports the facts. Its most useful feature: the plastic bag it comes in is the perfect size for when I take my dog for a walk…


Dear editors of The Examiner:

I regularly read your tabloid

And find it of balance devoid.

Herewith my evaluation

Of your journalistic abomination.


You make no attempt at honesty,

Or journalistic integrity.

But I can’t accuse you of hypocrisy,

Because you make no pretense of objectivity.


You seek your readers to confuse

By presenting only far-right views.

To be fair and balanced you refuse,

Just like your journalistic cousin, Fox News.


Your articles are little but right-wing propaganda;

You clearly have an anti-Obama agenda.

Your pages are with abuse full,

But there is one thing for which you are useful.


Though I do read your rag,

What’s most useful is the plastic bag.

Every day, my dog fills it with poo

(come to think of it, so do you).


PS: While I do believe you stink

I’ve still provided your website link,

So others can judge on their own

(Though I don’t think these are my views alone).

If you get a few more readers, I don’t care

(You see, we liberals do try to be fair).


A quid pro quo for my advertisement,

In lieu of receiving an emolument:

Editors, take the mirror off your shelf.

Examiner, examine yourself.


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