The Do Nothing Party

September 12th, 2011

Inspired by the GOP philosophy that the government should never do anything, ever.


Each GOP candidate wants to prove

He’s better than the rest

That’s hard when what you have to prove

Is that you do nothing the best.


“I can do nothing!”

“I can do nothing too!”

“Oh yeah? I can do nothing

Way better than you!”


I have to admit,

They make a strong case,

If doing nothing’s what you think

Will fix this place.


Here’s Hardball’s9/12/11 panel discussion about the President’s jobs bill. Of course, the GOP preference for government to do nothing is not limited to opposing any action that might help the economy, but that is its latest appearance. I loved Chris’s comment that Republicans’ idea seems to be for Obama to just sit around and do nothing, just like they’re doing, and wait for a Republican to take over his job.

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  1. Pandey Says:

    Now I feel stpuid. That’s cleared it up for me

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