The Devil Made Him Do It

January 15th, 2010

Inspired by the Daily Show report on the Far Right reaction to the disaster in Haiti, including the troubling comments by Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson. Although I haven’t heard anyone bring this up yet, it seems to me that the hidden message in Rush’s comparison of Obama’s response to the underwear bomber to his response to Haiti is to say that Obama cares more about blacks (even foreign ones) than he does about the Real (White) America that terrorists are out to destroy.

Rush Limbaugh saying he already gave to Haiti via the income tax.

And criticizes Obama for caring about foreign blacks.

Giving to Haiti is just another ploy

To stiff the “real” (white) America terrorists want to destroy.

Pat Robertson says the earthquake was because of Haiti’s deal with the devil,

Taking offensive comments to a whole other level.

“True story,” Robertson opines,

As he to his vengeful God the disaster’s blame assigns.

But me, I don’t think there’s anything to it

That the Devil made Him do it.


Here’s the Daily Show’s 1/14/10 report.

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Here’s the Young Turks’ 1/13/10 report on Rush’s criticism of how Obama is taking advantage of the Haiti tragedy.

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