The Chickens Come Home To Roost

June 9th, 2010

Inspired by Meet Sharron Angle, Sen. Harry Reid’s Teabagging Challenger (The Joshua Blog 6/09/10).

Sue Lowden’s chickens have come home to roost,

Which may give Dems in November a crucial boost.

Ironically, in spite of her crazy chicken scheme,

Of the GOP candidates, Sue may have been the least extreme.

Harry Reid couldn’t be more ecstatic

To face off against a right-wing fanatic.

Last night’s winner Sharron Angle,

May the GOP’s chance to unseat Reid strangle.

Have the people who voted for her realized

She wants to “phase Medicare and Social Security out in favor of something privatized.”

Angle also wants to eliminate, for your information,

The income tax, EPA, and the departments of Energy and Education.

She was rate the worst Nevada Assembly member not once, but twice

(Two marks on her record that don’t look that nice).

While some disagree on how to proceed,

That Wall Street should be reformed is generally agreed.

But Sharron thinks it doesn’t need to be reformed at all

(Based on recent history, in my view not a very good call).

She’s also anti-healthcare, anti-choice, anti-gay, and doesn’t believe in climate change,

But those views aren’t (for a Republican) strange.

It’s the rest of her views that make her so extreme

(Even the Wall Street Journal said she was “out of the mainstream”).

So in spite of your healthcare chicken plan, Sue,

I think I’m already starting to miss you.


Please go back and read my Healthcare Chicken piece about Sue Lowden if you haven’t already. I’ve added a new self-made music video to it which is (I think) really funny (leave a comment to let me know what you think). Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), Sue lost, so we won’t have her and her chickens to kick around anymore.

Here’s one of Sue Lowden’s ads about Angle.

Here’s Sharron at a anti-healthcare reform town hall meeting last year. “Sometimes we can’t get the news that we want so I made the news myself.”

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