The C Word

January 14th, 2013

Inspired by the President’s press conference this morning about the debt ceiling, here’s my unsolicited advice to Speaker Boehner: make a “concession.”



“Based on indications from the President that he will work with us in good faith to cut spending and cut the deficit, House Republicans are going to make a good faith gesture. We believe that this action will help our economy and improve business and consumer confidence by removing perceived risk to the nation’s full faith and credit. So for these reasons, House Republicans are going to unilaterally extend the debt ceiling for four months in order to allow time for Democrats and Republicans to develop a plan to finally place our economy and government budget on a healthy, sustainable path. I look forward to working on that plan with the President.” — what Speaker Boehner should announce tomorrow


Speaker Boehner, you are losing the messaging war,

More now than ever before.


So I have some free advice for you

About the best thing the GOP could do.


If you really want to keep us from becoming like Greece,

Announce a short-term clean debt ceiling increase.


That would both put the President back on the defensive,

And make the markets much less apprehensive.


It would defer debt ceiling debate until after the sequester and budget are resolved,

By which time (hopefully) the problem will be solved.


You can sell it to House Repubs as a tactical move,

Their position in the three-step negotiating process to improve.


The White House can then say it opposes such short-term action,

Which will strengthen support for it with the Tea Party faction.


(That will make the extension much easier to sell,

And House Repubs less likely to rebel.)


Otherwise, you’ll be forced to deal with the debt ceiling first,

Which for both the country and GOP is worst.


I know: unilateral “concessions” are in GOP circles much maligned,

But this is one case in which your and the country’s interests are aligned.


You’d also help reshape the GOP’s image as more than a Party that just says “no

(That’s increasingly how Republicans are seen, as you and I both know).


Debt ceiling crisis averted, your negotiating position strengthened, and your image improved,

And you just have to get a short-term debt ceiling increase approved.


Good luck, Speaker Boehner, and I hope you succeed.

Remember: sometimes the best way to win is to seem to concede.


Here’s the President’s press conference today.

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