The Byrd Bath

March 17th, 2010

Inspired by The Byrd Bath ( 3/11/10).

Sen. Judd Gregg has a way with words:

First the asteroid, and now a bath for birds.

At an event last week

At which Senator Gregg did speak

Of his consternation

About reconciliation.

He swore that Republicans would dissect it

With every scrutiny to which they could subject it.

In particular, he referred

To the rule created by Senator Byrd.

That rule states that the measure must pertain

To the budgetary impact to which it’s germane

And that the budgetary connection must be primary

And not to the policy impact secondary.

Senator Gregg said that every Republican on Capitol Hill

Would scrutinize every word in the reconciliation bill

To make sure that it satisfied the rule

Invented by Senator Byrd to constrain Republican misrule.

And God save us from the Republican wrath

If every word didn’t make it through that Byrd bath.

Even if it did, Dems would be rewarded

By having the reconciliation bill water-boarded.

So go ahead and wash it, Senator Gregg, then wash it some more.

It’ll be cleaner than anything you ever reconciled before.

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