The Broccoli Mandate

March 27th, 2012

Inspired by a bunch of comparisons of  the individual mandate to broccoli (the comparers don’t like either).


Health reform opponents keep on

This thing about broccoli repeating.

But the issue isn’t whether the government forces you to buy broccoli,

But whether you have to pay for the broccoli you’re eating.




To continue the analogy, healthcare reform and the health insurance mandate would be just like broccoli, if:

1)       People suddenly stricken with illness or hurt in an accident needed to immediately eat broccoli in order to live;

2)       That broccoli had to be prepared and administered at emergency broccoli rooms (EBRs) to which the stricken person had to be rushed on an emergency basis;

3)       Because of the life-saving importance of broccoli in emergency situations, federal law requires that anyone who needs broccoli must be given it, even if they can’t afford to pay for it or don’t have broccoli insurance;

4)       Broccoli costs $1000 per ounce at the EBR, in part because the people who don’t have broccoli insurance and can’t pay for it have their costs passed on to other people, and in part because the broccoli sellers sell their product on a profit-making basis;

5)       People who buy their broccoli from a prescription service pay much less (around $150-250/ounce, depending on the kind of broccoli they get), and don’t have to go to EBRs to get their broccoli;

6)       The Broccoli-for-All Party wanted to let government-run broccoli farms sell their broccoli (currently supplied only to Broccolicare patients 65 and older) for $100/ounce to anyone who wants it, but Big Broccoli and the Anti-Broccoli Party opposed and killed that idea.

7)       Finally, in order to reduce broccoli costs and eliminate broccoli freeloading, the Broccoli-for-All Party adopted the approach previously championed by the Anti-Broccoli Party (then called the Broccoli Responsibility Party) to require all people to purchase their broccoli through a monthly subscription service (broccoli insurance).

So yes, if all that were true, the individual healthcare mandate would be just like making someone buy broccoli. 

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