The Blood of Christ (Not) Shed for You

November 23rd, 2009

Inspired by RI bishop asked Kennedy in 2007 to avoid Communion (Washington Post 11/22/09), Rep. Kennedy denied Communion over abortion, Patrick Kennedy told to forgo Communion (Washington Post 11/23/09), and Catholic Bishop to Pro-Choice Politician: “No Communion for You” ( 11/23/09). Watch the AP video, and sign our PETITION below protesting Bishop Tobin’s action and the Church’s approach.


Bishop Tobin:

Sacraments should not be political tools

To get politicians to legislate the Church’s rules.

God did not grant you power to withdrawal

What Jesus freely offered to all.


I (like Rep. Kennedy) believe that abortion is not good

And that it should be reduced as much as it could.

But there are better ways to do that than to make abortions crimes.

To understand why, just look at pre-Roe times.


Back in the “good old days” when States were allowed to outlaw abortion,

Women still got them (of unwed pregnancies, a significant proportion).

Women who could afford to traveled to where abortion was permitted.

Poor women used coat hangers, or to unsafe procedures submitted.


We don’t want to go back to those days again

(For more on that, see my post “Into the Lions’ Den”).

Abortion is already restricted by current regulatory control.

If you want to reduce abortions, why not allow birth control?


I believe in separation of Church and State:

Neither one should to the other dictate.

Whenever either one tries to control the other

The result is our freedoms to smother.


You have the legal right to withhold sacrament,

But somehow I don’t believe Jesus Christ would consent.

The Blood of Christ was shed for you,

But also for Patrick Kennedy too.

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