The Base Card

May 7th, 2010

A follow-up to our earlier piece, The Race Card.

Obama is racist because he wants to promote

That minorities come out and vote.

Republicans say that’s playing the race card

(If so, it’s not playing it very hard).

Obama should learn a lesson from Rush and Glenn Beck:

When they play race, they play the whole deck.

Or how about race card master Karl Rove

And his race-baiting technique treasure trove.

In an effort the state of South Carolina to carry,

He smeared John McCain in the 2000 GOP primary

Rove engineered a push poll that implied

(Or in other words, lied)

That McCain had fathered an illegitimate black child

In an effort to make him popularly reviled.

(Never mind that it was later determined

This was actually true about GOP racist Strom Thurmond.)

The grain of truth that Rove had co-opted

Was that the McCains a girl from Bangladesh had adopted.

She was indeed dark-skinned, which was sufficient

For Rove’s poll of McCain’s alleged indiscretion to hint.

(Though Rove knew all along his poll was misleading,

He still implied McCain was “guilty” of racial cross-breeding.)

Now back to the race card Obama’s allegedly played

And the hullabaloo which Republicans about it have made.

I have to admit I’m a little bit hazy

How something like this makes the echo chamber go crazy.

When Republicans say something racist or violent,

The echo chamber is eerily silent.

They can’t be trying to convince minorities, who won’t fall for such a transparent lie.

So who are they trying to convince, and why?

The only answer I can think of is that it’s directed at their own base

(They’re the only ones who watch and believe Fox News, in any case).

The echo chamber’s righteous statements, Obama’s racism to condemn

Reassures the base that it’s Dems are the racist ones, not them.

It also helps members of the base in their arguments with the hated liberal elitist

(They hate it when we stubbornly and unfairly on facts and logic insist).

Whether you’re right are wrong, when arguing it always goes far

To counter your opponent by responding “No, you are!”

And for admitted racists, the echo chamber’s statements provide

An excuse to let them think their views are justified.

After all, if other people are being racist to you,

It’s fair for you to be racist to them too.

As the echo chamber sees it

(And tells their devotees it),

The base card

Trumps the race card.

But both can be played, the base to inflame.

After all, a lot of the time, they’re one and the same.

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