The Audacity of Hot (or, the Party Crashers)

November 28th, 2009

Inspired by Update: The Salahi White House state dinner crasher saga ( 11/26/09), Days of wine and poses
Vintners Michaele & Tareq Salahi drink deeply from life, but not all is so sparkling
, and Secret Service apologizes for ticketless couple’s access : Questions linger over checkpoint breakdowns at White House dinner (Washington Post 11/28/09).

Beautiful people often get what they want,

And if they’re wealthy too, doubly so.

So of course the Salahis felt they were invited to Obama’s party.

They belonged there, you know.


Right-wingers and folks like Rush Limbaugh

Use this as another excuse to attack Obama.

It shows the Administration’s incompetence, they grouse,

As if security was run by the White House.


Yes, the Secret Service dropped the ball,

Though no harm the President did befall.

And they were quick to admit fault

Which you’d think would blunt the right-wing assault.


Americans do admire audacity

And those who defy convention and authority.

As long as nobody is harmed

The public is easily charmed.


On the other hand, we tend to dislike

Those constantly seeking the public spotlight.

Self-promoting publicity seekers make us mad

(I’m talking about you here, Balloon Dad).


So I say, throw the book at ’em,

And all those who feel entitled to break the law on a whim.

Eight years was enough for the over-privileged, you know.

After all, we don’t need yet another reality show.

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