The Apart-TEA’d Party

September 29th, 2014

Inspired by Not a Tea Party, a Confederate Party (Doug Muder, 8/11/14) and The Civil War never ended. The neo-Confederate tea party fights on (Daily Kos 9/29/14 18:00).


“It’s not a Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party protest was aimed at a Parliament where the colonists had no representation, and at an appointed governor who did not have to answer to the people he ruled. Today’s Tea Party faces a completely different problem: how a shrinking conservative minority can keep change at bay in spite of the democratic processes defined in the Constitution. That’s why they need guns. That’s why they need to keep the wrong people from voting in their full numbers. These right-wing extremists have misappropriated the Boston patriots and the Philadelphia founders because their true ancestors — Jefferson Davis and the Confederates — are in poor repute.” — Doug Muder (aka Pericles)


It’s not the Tea Party,

It’s not the Confederate Party.

It’s the Apartheid Party.


Yes, the Confederacy is the closest American historical antecedent for today’s Tea Party,

But Apartheid is an even better metaphor.

So, their new name should be:

The Apart-Tea’d Party.


They are, of course, always Tea’d off,


At everything,

But especially the growing share of population minorities make up.


They want to, to the greatest extent possible, stay apart

(Over half of them even want to secede).

Most of all, they don’t want them to “take over our country.”


Apart-Tea’ders fear what minorities will do once “they” are the majority.

Apart-Tea’ders fear chaos, violence.

Apart-Tea’ders fear that “they” will want to take away what’s ours.


But most of all, Apart-Tea’ders, like their Afrikaner predecessors, fear that “they” will do to us what we did to them when we had all the power.

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