The Anti-Football Women’s Caucus

February 17th, 2012

What would male football fans think if the Anti-Football Women’s Caucus held a hearing to determine professional footballs rules and game schedule?

“There’s no greater threat to democracy
Than smugly moralistic hypocrisy.”



U.S. House of Representatives

Committee on Public Morality/

Congressional Anti-Football Women’s Caucus


Press Release


Hearing Announcement


Lines Crossed:

Have Football Fans Trampled on Non-Fan Right to Not be Forced to Watch or Hear About Football?


The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Public Morality and Congressional Anti-Football Women’s Caucus hereby announce a hearing to take place this afternoon beginning at1:00 p.m. in the in room 2154 of the Rayburn House Office Building.

The hearing will address the many social ills that football and unlimited football viewing cause, and the rights of non-football viewers to not be forced to (1) watch football against their will, (2) listen to fans talking about football, or (3) watch commercials containing football-related subject matter and/or imagery.

Criticism from football fans, players, coaches, and team owners that they have been excluded from the hearing are unjustified, since those individuals have no expertise on the hearing’s specific subject matter.

AFWC welcomes all accredited members of the press to submit requests to cover the hearing (sports journalists will not be permitted to attend).


Background on the Anti-Football Women’s Caucus:

While some women do enjoy football, the AFWC consists solely of those who oppose it. We do not like watching football, and we do not like it when men watch football. Given the social harm that unlimited football viewing does, we believe that the extent to which men watch football should be controlled and limited. Since those who watch and enjoy football lack the objectivity to do so, we believe it’s our job to do it for them, and for society. While it is true that AFWC’s long-term goal is a Constitutional amendment to prohibit and eliminate football, we condemn those who unfairly seek to undermine AFWC and our cause by reminding the public of that goal.

Click here to view or download a printable version of this press release, or for more information visit the Congressional Anti-Football Women’s Caucus website


PS: Of course, this is not at all realistic, nor is it in any way comparable to the House GOP “religious freedom” hearing, since (1) House Republicans actually control their chamber and are thus in a position to write their bigoted idiocy into law, and (2) football is, after all, just a game. Just a game, but imagine the uproar if there were an AFWC, and that AFWC dictated Democrats’ policy on football…


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