The Adam Lanza Party

January 4th, 2013

 There’s a nexus between the GOP’s gun policy and their willingness to use the debt ceiling threats as a political tool.


“They might find out that who they’re shooting is not President Obama, but the American people.” — Rev. Al
“Yeah, or the brand of the Republican Party.” — Chris Hayes on Politics Nation
“That’s called a boomerang, and the bullet hits you.” — Rev. Al


Sure, Repubs may end up shooting themselves in the head,

But not until many innocent Americans are wounded or dead.


The problem is, Republicans don’t care who they hurt or kill,

And if they’re not stopped, they will.


They’re the Adam Lanza party, leading us all to disaster,

And the debt ceiling is their Bushmaster.


Here’s Rev. Al’s panel discussion. Yes, Republicans are the Adam Lanza party, not just because they refuse to limit access to assault rifles and 100-round drum magazines, regardless of how many lives that policy costs. Republicans, armed with their own deadly weapons (in this case, the debt ceiling) and driven insane by their own ideological demons, don’t care who they hurt in order to pursue their delusions. Yes, they may end up killing themselves, politically, but they will also take many, many other innocent victims with them. Just like Adam Lanza did. Melissa Harris-Perry talks about the 16th Amendment option to GOP debt-ceiling hostage taking, which I completely agree with. The exchange quoted above is at the 10” mark.

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  1. Madeleine Begun Kane Says:

    Well said!

    And thanks so much for the clever verse you posted on my Hillary Haters limerick!

  2. Humor Says:


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