The 11 Percent Solution

November 30th, 2009

Inspired by “A party both united and divided” and “Palin particularly popular among fans of Limbaugh and Beck” (Washington Post 11/30/09), which report that a poll of the Republican rank-and-file found that  Zombie Queen Sarah Palin enjoys the top spot (albeit with a meager 18%) as the “leader” that “best reflects the core values of the Republican Party” (with Limbaugh and Beck fans, she scored 48% and 35% respectively). Then again, Palin still trails the even more popular “No leader/No opinion” (28%) and “Other” (23%).46% of the rank-and-file, 70% of Beck viewers, and 80% of Limbaugh listeners believe that Palin has had a “good effect” on the Party. 89% of the rank-and-file opposes President Obama’s policies, more than half of those (46% of the total) are “angry” about them, and 77% believe Congressional Republicans should try to stop healthcare reform.


It’s not often I agree

With members of the Republican Party.

But before you GOPers express excitement,

Please note that I mean this as an indictment.


When recently polled about which of their select few

Best reflects the Party’s core value,

Sarah Palin landed the top spot

(Though 18% is admittedly not a lot).


With that 18% I agree wholeheartedly

That Queen Sarah represents the apogee

Of what the GOP has become:

Shallow, bigoted, and dumb.


Beck and Limbaugh fans support her more strongly:

They see her as their savior (wrongly).

That strong support is not surprising

Considering whom their audiences are comprising.


Still, there’s hope: 11% of the GOP

Support President Obama on policy.

20% of those surveyed suspect

That Palin on the GOP has had a negative effect.

And 23% wish Congressional Republicans to inform

That they should work with Dems on healthcare reform.


It’s in this small group that I see some possibility

For the return to reason of the GOP.

Because even when we can’t all agree,

It’s better when your political opponents are not crazy.

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