The 100 Million Dollar Man

November 28th, 2011

Inspired by Gingrich’s second act was trademark Newt: Cast off politically, he made millions by building his brand (11/27/11, page A1).


“We can rebuild him… better than he was before.”


In rebuilding himself, the Tea Party Professor

Has far out-done his low-cost predecessor.


Newt Gingrich left public office discredited and destroyed

And has since then been lucratively self-employed.


It turns out that Newt’s lucky his political career crashed and burned,

Since it dramatically increased the amount of money he earned.


Since being forced out of office and becoming a civilian,

Newt has made a cool $100 million.


He’s developed a lucrative empire giving $60K speeches

And being paid to circulate in the highest corporate reaches.


He made millions by sitting on Big Business corporate boards

While scamming small businesses by selling them phony awards.


He slaps his name on “co-written” books

And was happy to take millions from people he now labels as crooks.


He made tens of millions as an unregistered lobbyist,

Making Jack Abramoff look like a mere hobbyist.


To hear Newt criticize Romney for flip-flopping is funny,

Since Newt’s happy to change his tune if paid enough money.


But now, Newt has been rebuilt and made better than before,

And after he’s President, he’ll be able to cash out even more.


Here’s a video clip from the series that inspired our title, The Six Million Dollar Man.

Update 11/30/11: Here’s Ron Paul’s “Newt Gingrich serial hypocrisy” ad.


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