That 1870s Show

February 21st, 2011

Big Business and the GOP want to take America back to the ‘70s – the 1870s, that is. And the show starts in Wisconsin.

I’ll say it yet again, at the risk the issue further to belabor:

Big Business want to take us back to the days before organized labor:

They want to take us back to the days of robber baron rule,

With GOP politicians their compliant tool.

Back to the days of shameless exploitation,

When the super-rich ruled the nation.

Back to before those pesky child labor laws,

Struck down by the Supreme Court (sorry, Commerce Clause).

Back to when occupational safety regulation

Was just a figment of workers’ imagination.

Back before weekends and the eight hour day,

When employees had no choice but to obey.

Back before the living wage,

In crony capitalism’s Golden Age.

The GOP and Big Business want all that back

(Hence their relentless anti-union attack).

But American workers have seen this show before,

And don’t want to watch it anymore.

The first time around it wasn’t any fun,

And it won’t be any better when rerun.

So, Gov. Walker, please:

Don’t take us back to the 1870s.


Here’s the theme song from the show that inspired our title (coincidentally, on Fox, and also set in Wisconsin), In the Street by Cheap Trick, along with my video tribute to Wisconsin’s workers and the Senate Democrats who are standing firm against Gov. Walker’s union-bashing policies. (If you just listened to the music just now, watch it again; it’s pretty good if I do say so myself.)


PS: Read Happy Labor Day and The 234 Years War for more about robber barrons and big business.

PPS: I came up with the That 1870s Show idea by my lonesome, but unfortunately I wasn’t the first (viz. this Uncyclopedia parody). That parody is however more historically general, whereas mine focuses specifically on the robber barrons. Also, I believe I am the first one to have posted a 70s Show/Wisconsin union protest video on Youtube.

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