Tell That to the Marines

December 7th, 2010

70% of troops forsee no problem with open service,

But that percentage varies greatly by service.

The Pentagon survey revealed

58% of Marines think DADT shouldn’t be repealed.

Is it that Marines are just more culturally macho,

Or that gay Marines’ colleagues the former’s orientation just don’t know?

(In general, people who know gay individuals

Are more likely to favor repealing DADT rules.)

The top brass says the survey shows the need for retraining,

Not (as some critics say) DADT’s retaining.

Another explanation for the survey result

Is that Marines are just homophobic. (An insult?)

Marines, it’s up to you

To prove that that’s not true.

Remember, Marines never leave a man behind,

Even when he’s differently aligned.

After all, there’s no reason a gay guy

Can’t be just as sempre fi.

PS: Don’t ask Marines to implement policy change, just tell them.

(They’re used to following orders, so you don’t even have to compel them.)


Here’s your theme music, Tell That to the Marines by the Al Jolson.


Here’s the beginning of the MGM WW2 propaganda movie, Tell It to the Marines.

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