February 21st, 2010

Inspired by the teleprompter at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) just held in Washington, DC.

At CPAC, speakers couldn’t help but repeatedly introduce

President Obama’s teleprompter use.

They’ve been referring to that a lot lately

And mocking the President greatly.

Even Sarah Palin has joined in the fun

(As if she should be mocking anyone),

Ironic, and highly coincident

Given her own notes-on-hand incident.

By doing this Republicans want to impeach

The President’s ability to give a great speech.

That want to suggest that that’s all he can do,

And that they can do it too.

But given Republican derision,

One can’t be surprised by the decision

To forgo a teleprompter’s excesses

For CPAC addresses.

Oh wait, they actually did use one, you know

(Watch video of it being set up below).

They somehow forgot the American flag,

But being without a teleprompter would have been a drag.

But even though Republicans themselves were using one

Many speakers couldn’t help but still make fun.

Were they aware of the irony,

Or should we just call it hypocrisy?

Funny, but noone mentioned that Obama didn’t use one for the Q&A in Baltimore

When he with Republicans mopped the floor.

Though Republicans had prepared written questions in advance,

They still didn’t have a chance.

Nor does Obama use them for a town hall meeting

(Or, like Bush, use pre-screened questions, which is cheating).

He does all that extemporaneously

And always performs famously.

So Republicans, quit the complaining—

It’s only for a CPAC audience entertaining.

And if you dislike teleprompters so severely,

Try going without and see if you can handle that so cavalierly.


For all their recent complaining and mockery about Obama’s use of a teleprompter (though no Republicans mentioned that he didn’t use one when he schooled them at the Baltimore Q&A), CPAC speakers still used one. Here’s video of it being set up.


Several speakers continued the mockery in their CPAC speechs (watch that video below). Ironic that they were reading those very lines from the teleprompter themselves.

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