Tax the Poor

August 22nd, 2011

Inspired by What slacker nation: Perry’s dangerous mythmaking on who pays taxes (Ruth Marcus Washington Post 8/16/11), Why do half of all Americans pay no federal income taxes? (Ezra Klein, 8/04/11), and Republicans for Tax Hikes (David Weigel, Slate8/22/1119:03).


“We’re dismayed at the injustice that nearly half of all Americans don’t even pay any income tax.” —Rick Perry announcement speech


Republicans don’t like taxes and don’t want anyone to pay more,

But they’re willing to make an exception for the poor.


The alleged reason for these new class warfare attacks

Is that too many Americans don’t pay any tax.


In fact, most of those “scofflaws” about whom Repubs are annoyed

Are retirees and the unemployed.


Then there’s the working poor whose wages are so low,

That come April 15 they don’t any income tax owe.


But when you count all the other taxes about which Republicans bitch,

The working poor pay a higher share of their income that the rich.


Shouldn’t tax rates be based on ability to pay,

Or are tax cuts wasted on people who won’t vote Republican anyway?


Here’s The Last Word’s 8/22/11 report (with guest Ezra Klein) on the GOP opposition to extending the payroll tax reduction. After all, why waste tax cuts on poor and working class people that don’t vote Republican?

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Here’s the Daily Show’s 8/18/11 report on the GOP/Fox News plan to tax the poor.

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