Tale of Hoffman

November 4th, 2009

Inspired by Inspired by “Ideology trumps party for Palin” (Washington Post 10/26/09), “In a war within GOP, the right wins a battle” (Washington Post 11/01/09), and “G.O.P. Moderate, Pressed by Right, Abandons Race” (New York Times 11/01/09), “Scozzafava Backs Owens, Stuns GOP” (Waterford Daily Times 11/01/09), and “Owens Wins NY-23” (Newsweek.com 11/04/09 8:39). PS: The district had been Republican for the last 125 years. See also our earlier posts.


The Zombie Queen demonstrated her clout

By forcing the moderate Republican out.

Mark McKinnon said conservatives “claimed a scalp before anyone even voted

(That former Bush and McCain senior adviser should be demoted).

The RNC moved its backing to the Conservative Party’s man,

Ultra-conservative Doug Hoffman.

Michael Steele called Scozzafava’s withdrawal “selfless

Until she her true feelings for Hoffman did express.

Local and national Republicans had a fit

When she endorsed the Democratic candidate.

A Hoffman advisor said Scozzafava had “betrayed the GOP

(If I were her I’d say it was them who betrayed me).

Democrat Bill Owens went on to win the race.

Doug Hoffman came in second place.

The Ultra-right was chastened

(Maybe their disintegration will be further hastened).

I don’t know if Dede’s endorsement did the trick

To help Bill Owens the Conservative Doug Hoffman lick,

But it sure couldn’t have hurt

That Dede’s supporters did desert.

So Dede Scozzafava,

Thanks for the fava’.


Here’s a scene from the opera Tales of Hoffman–check out the CD and DVD (in English or French) in our Amazon store. Let’s see, who do the tiny clown and white queen remind me of?

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