January 3rd, 2010

Inspired by George Will’s article In N.Y., government’s eminent arrogance (Washington Post 1/03/10).


George Will might be surprised

To find my views are not what he surmised.

Elsewhere, our chance for agreement might be slim,

But on taking, I agree with him.


I’m against expanded government taking,

Which usually amounts to government faking,

Searching until a public interest is sighted,

Or to declare a neighborhood blighted.


The way a taking is supposed to function

Is when the government builds a road, bridge, or railroad junction,

They have the power to force you to sell for a fair price

To keep holdouts from ripping off the public (that’s not nice).


Of course, in politics, that’s de rigeur,

And practiced by many a political entrepreneur.

Ben Nelson, for example, parlayed his healthcare holdout status

Into handouts for Nebraska (Medicare expansion gratis).


Both approaches represent use of political power to exploit,

At which politicians are adroit.

The Constitution protects individuals from exploitation by the majority.

Too bad the other way around isn’t a priority.


PS: For those who missed the titular reference, it’s to both the 2008 Liam Neeson movie and the 2003 Sci-Fi TV Stephen Spielberg miniseries.

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